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The Old Soul, The Inspector and me.

The Old Soul, The Inspector and Me

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”

I don’t know who wrote this. Nor do I know what they were referring to but it touched my heart. It explains the life we have chosen.

There are Pros and Cons to this fulltime RV life. We are confined to about 400 square feet of living. Which means it takes no more than 30 min. to completely clean our home. It also means you have no where to escape.

Try having a good ole’ disagreement when you have no way to storm out of the room (how do you make your point when you have no doors to slam?) but when it’s raining like it is today, it is a cozy little space.

When we are ready to travel, we store everything, tie it down, block it in and make sure nothing moves as The Old Soul rattles down the road. We don’t have to pack our suitcases, make reservations or decide where we want to stay. We get our fuel and hit the road. We might stay at a campground or in the parking lot at Cracker Barrel. We have all our clothes, food and favorite TV shows with us always. I can’t turn up the music and drown out whatever is bothering me but I do get to see some of the best scenery just sitting in my living room.

The only time I really feel stressed is when The Old Soul decides she is going to “Show Out”. When she wants a new belt or she just wants to stop in the middle of the road and rest. When she has a bit of menopause and the gauges show “Hot” but then she always finishes the Adventure. We appreciate the effort she puts out. If you read Al’s blog then you know we buy her things, like lights and a refrigerator. We also try to give her what she needs.

A few days ago, a woman posted pics. of a RV she was thinking of buying on Facebook. She said she had a gut feeling things were wrong but it was something they could pay cash for. The pics all showed mold, dampness and warped wood. It’s easy to see why she might have a gut feeling that she shouldn’t purchase this RV. If she can see some of the damage, what would a RV inspector find when looking at the roof or testing the different systems? I hope she decided to look at other RV options and when she decides to purchase an RV, I hope she hires a RV Inspector to go through it and make sure it is worth the adventure…

On to our next adventure,