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The Old Soul, the inspector and me. “You’re my World” by Tom Jones

“You’re my World” by Tom Jones

“You’re my world, you’re every breathe I take. You’re my world, every move I make. Other eyes see the stars up in the skies. But for me they shine in your eyes.”

I know it’s been awhile since I have written anything but life has a way of grabbing hold and twisting you around. We have had a lot of stress in our “No Stress Zone” here and yet here we are as we should be, the two of us in The Old Soul.

Al and I have been together in one place or another for 18 months now. So, you might be thinking what does this have to do with Rving? Well, when your place is 300 sq.ft. (how big is a jail cell?) and you are together night and day, you can still feel he is your world. You will understand that RVing is not just about the vehicle, it is about being able to adjust and compromise, to hold your tongue and hold on to each other when things get rough. There are times you will cry over a situation and times of laughter too.

Recently we did an inspection on a class A motorhome. The seller had bought this RV about a month ago and he is already selling it. He and his wife took one trip and she hated it. She couldn’t stand the grass and dirt of a campground and tracking that dirt into the motor home. So, they were selling the motorhome. We feel she didn’t give it enough time to make that decision.

I’ve also seen comments on a Facebook page of someone giving up Rving. It was too hard. No one had told them things are going to go wrong while Rving. No one told them that there are challenges to Rving. Al always says, “a bad day Rving is better than a good day at the office”.

We did a walk through with a young couple and went through how everything in the RV works. We did the inspection for them about a month ago and they wanted someone to show them how things work. We also spent time talking about our adventures and the things that have gone wrong. We told them they needed items like a EMS device (surge protector), water pressure regulator, etc. These folks are newbies on the road to adventure. I hope they find success.

Every time we do an inspection, Al will say I hope we don’t find nothing wrong with the RV we are inspecting but of course, we are going to find something wrong. It may be small, it may be a “lack of maintenance” issue like dirty AC filters, it might just be a battery needing to be replaced in a smoke detector. We will find it if it is there. Hopefully the folks buying the RV will be able to enjoy their adventures ahead by knowing what potential issues the RV has revealed to us during the inspection and can get those items squared away before hitting the road.

On to our next adventure