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The Old Soul, The Inspector and Me on Biloxi Beach

“Welcome Back” by John Sabastian

“Welcome back- Your dreams were your ticket out. Welcome back- to that same old place that you laughed about.”

Hey, it’s been a rough couple of months but it seems like forever. I was staying with family in South GA, waiting on a new Great granddaughter while playing hide and seek with the Hurricane but now I’m back where I belong…..

Al and I left this past Monday on a 6-month RV journey. We had plans (that were written in pencil) and thank goodness because we are all up and down on this adventure now. Yesterday we were in Biloxi, MS, watching the sun come up. How amazing to think “this is all I have to do today” is spend time on this pier watching the world just going around us.

Al and I have always had a no pet policy in our Motorhome. We don’t want the responsibility and pressure of providing for another living thing but yesterday I picked up a shell on the beach in Biloxi and put it in a plastic bag when we got back to the Motorhome. It’s a pretty shell but a couple of hours later it started moving. Yes, we have a crab in a shell. Now remember I told you about our policy of no pets but I had taken this sea creature from its home, so I must make it right. I bought a plastic container at the dollar store, scooped up some sand in a parking lot, gave it some water and someone said give it lettuce. So off to bed we go.

Today I had the idea to go look for food for the crab and found a bottle of “Hermit Crab” sea water and some fish food flakes at Walmart. So, as we are standing there looking at this bottle of salt water in the store and it dawns on us, of course this creature needs salt water since he came from the ocean. We are truly idiots when it comes to this so please don’t call PETA on us. I am trying to correct my mistake. I must say though when I took him out of the plastic bag, he threw himself at the dish of tap water I had for him. The more I think of it I wonder if he knew how bad it was going to get and maybe he was trying to drown himself?

So, Al says “What’s his name? “and then he says we’ll call him BC for Biloxi Crab. Really? I mean it might be a girl type crap so we should name her “Sunrise”. That’s when I found her at sunrise right on the beach so I think I will call her Sunrise.

What a better pet for Full Time RV people. A pet that carries it ‘s home on its back. Yes, I think this was meant to be.

Well time to get back to the Adventure…

The Old Soul, The Inspector, Sunrise and Me.