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The Old Soul, The Inspector and me


“We are Family” by Sister Sledge

“Living life is fun and we’ve just begun to get our share of the world’s delights.

High, high hopes we have for the future and our goal’s insight. We, no we don’t get depressed. Here’s what we call our Golden rule. Have faith in you and the things you do- you won’t go wrong Oh-No- this is our family jewel.”

I was told last week that I will be a Great Grandmother. Now I’m not old enough for this role but if I must, I will. We haven’t had a baby in our family for 11 years so, I suppose it’s time.

As I look around The Old Soul, there is no room for a baby, no crawling spaces and no extra room for a crib. Yet if you read through some of the postings on the Facebook RV groups, it seems a lot of people are now traveling with their children in tow. They have taken to the road to show the children of the future what America is all about. What a great experience that will be for them.

We must talk about the possibilities of taking to the road in our Old Soul.  As we do Inspections on 5th wheels, Class A diesel pushers, travel trailers, etc. some of them are new and some are a few years old.

We do a Safety Inspection on all RVs we inspect. We perform a “gas leak” test of the propane system, we check the Fire Extinguishers for an expiration date, we check the Smoke detectors, the Carbon Dioxide detectors and the Propane detectors (when you check these detectors, it’s not enough to just push the button to see if the battery is still good. You must check to see that they will function as they are intended to).  We check out the Norcold/Dometic refrigerators (there is a recall on these refrigerators from 1997 to 2010) as to whether a recall kit was installed or not. If you own an RV during the years mentioned above, you may want to call Norcold, Inc. product recalls department at 1-800-767-9101 to see if the recall kit was installed on your refrigerator. You can check on-line about the Domectic refrigerators at: We also check the Emergency exit window and all the electrical plugs including checking the GFCI outlet. We also do a “hot skin” test of the exterior of the RV looking to see if there is any stray electrical current running around the exterior of the RV.

These are important Life Safety issues for all of us even if we don’t have any “children of the future “on board.

Last week we did an inspection on a class A gas motorhome that was a couple of years old. When I hit the button on the smoke detector there was no sound. My first thought was the battery was bad but when we took the cover down, we found that the little plastic tab that keeps the battery from engaging had never been removed. So, the detector had never been checked and would not have worked if there was smoke or a fire.  The other strange thing that I found was that the Emergency window was not marked. They should all have an exit sticker or emergency sticker on them.

Now let’s get back to this Great Grandmother thing. I was too young to be a Grandmother and now this name thing has come up as to what should I be called by the little one. I am searching for a new name that does not imply that I am old enough to be a Great Grandmother. If you have a good one, we will be at the Good Sam Jamboree in Perry, Ga. from Wed. thru Sunday morning. Drop by our booth and let me know what you’ve come up with.

As always if you are thinking of putting money, time and energy into an RV it might be a good idea to get an Inspection done.

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“Everyone can see we’re together as we walk on by. And, and we fly just like birds of a feather I won’t tell no lie. All, all of the people around us they say Can they be that close?  Just let me state for the record, We’re giving love in a family dose.”


On to our next adventure             Laura