“You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward”. This would be a great motivational saying if I were talking about Romance but since we’re talking about RV’s, you will need to have it figured out before you move forward.

So, you get home to your “stick and brick “house from work or the store. You flip on the light switch, turn on the T.V. and plop on the couch. You’re, home right? If you’re in “The Old Soul” like we are, then every move requires several steps before we can plop down on the couch.

If we are arriving at home in Blairsville at our RV lot or at a campground site, we must first make sure our home is level when we pull in, then we connect the Electric, the Sewer and the Water to the outside sources. Next, we put out the slides and put a few pieces of furniture back in place that was secured during transit. The refrigerator is secured with tension rods on the inside to keep things from moving (got to remove them too) and remove the Gorilla tape on the doors, which we use to keep the doors closed during transit since we have a residential refrigerator vs an RV fridge with latches. The water heater must be turned on and the invertor needs to be switched off as we don’t need it on when we are connected to shore power or if we are using the generator. The water faucets must be opened to get all the air out of the lines and the propane must be turned on too. What am I forgetting?

If we are “Boondocking” as in the Cracker Barrel parking lot, we will be using the generator to generate our 110 power for electric. The water pump on board is used for the fresh water we store in the fresh water holding tank. We also have the grey water holding tank which is where the water from the shower and sinks go and of course we have the “black tank” for our human waste. If it is cold enough to need heat, the propane must be turned on as well.

Since “The Old Soul” has 50 amps of electric service, we must figure out how many amps we are using for each item we operate in the motorhome. We can’t run the microwave, the toaster oven and the induction cooktop all at the same time. We will pop the breaker and trust me we have… (multiple times).

The control panel of “The Old Soul” is our lifeline. It will tell us if our batteries are charging and how much propane we have left to use. It also tells you how much room we have left in our “Black Tank “and the “Grey Tank” before we must dump them and it also tells us the level of water that is in our “Fresh Water” tank. It has all the answers we need to move forward. It also has the controls to turn the invertor on or off when we reach our destination.

Of course, when we’re ready to go again, we must do everything in reverse. Everything gets disconnected, secured and changed into travel mode.

So Why would we go through this? For the adventure, of course. I can be in the mountains one day and at the beach the next day. I get to see the most beautiful scenery along the way.

I also know that when we get to our destination things are going to work out because, as you all know, I’m traveling with an RV Inspector and The Old Soul, although she likes to throw things around when we travel and the Inspector has my back and can usually figure out why The Old Soul requires so much of our time.

“Moving Forward” to our next Adventure           Laura



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