“The road is long with many a winding turn, that leads us to who knows where.” This is a phrase from the song “He ain’t heavy, He’s my brother” by the Hollies.

       Yesterday I was reading a posting on a RV Facebook site. Someone was complaining about the looks of a neighboring RV and how it makes the rest of us look bad. They even included a video of this RV, with bad tires and had a  fluid leak on the ground.

       Maybe the owners need some help, maybe they can’t afford the $5000.00 it would take to put new tires on but does it really make “the rest of us look bad?”

Are we, as a community of Recreational Vehicle owners, so shallow that we will judge our RV neighbors? People on a journey that you may see for a few hours or a day.

         There are so many reasons to be out in a RV traveling around or just sitting in a RV park, resting. Every one of us has our “Plan”, the why and where, for our journey.

         “But, I’m strong, Strong enough to carry him, He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother, so on we go, his welfare is of my concern.”

         On our way back from Florida we stayed at “Traveler’s Campground” in Alachua, Fla. Behind us was a nice rig. Plenty of room for just a husband and wife. They were farmers from Florida. He was a University of Florida Alumni and they were just getting away for the weekend. Behind them and over one aisle was a Chevy passenger van with a small travel trailer that had a pop out, very small as you can see from the picture. When they pulled into their campsite, children started jumping out of every door. We finally counted 9 children in all ranging in age from about 14 yrs. old to a small baby and two adults. We learned they were farmers from upstate New York and were in Florida to look at the difference in farming methods between NY an179-2d FL.

         Both farmers, clearly with a different journey in mind. I hope they both get what they needed out of this journey.

         I hope that as we go through this RV journey and wave at each other or visit for a few minutes at the campground, we will always remember that “We are in this together”. The RV journey lies ahead and we are compelled to care about our fellow travelers. We are a select group of people, with problems that only our fellow Rver’s understand. We can’t just call a plumber or electrician out to help us. Our RV systems are different and they are more complex. Each RV has multiple systems.

             As you plan your next RV get away, the vehicle you choose and the amount you pay, is your plan for the future. If you decide to spend all the money you’ve saved for retirement, maybe it is that inheritance you were going to leave to your kids or maybe you’re living month to month on your Social Security, we all have one thing in mind, to get through this journey.

             So, if you want to make sure that you have a safe RV journey, one way to do that is to have your RV inspected by a professional. Someone that understands the different systems in that Dream Machine you are planning to put all your money into. Maybe you are ready to upgrade to a new RV and you need to sell your existing RV. If you have an inspection performed, you can advertise it as a “Certified Inspected RV”. Makes sense doesn’t it……

               On to our next adventure……..     Laura



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  1. Wonderful point of view. Exciting to read and makes you think about getting back on the road and start saying hello. Oh the people we can meet on our journey.

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