This has been a great week for me. I joined one of those groups on Facebook called “Full -Time RV’ers”.    If you’re thinking of going full time in an RV, check into this group. There is lots of good advice in this Facebook group. Someone posted a question about towing your vehicle by either using a Tow Dolly or by towing four wheels down? And of course, several people jumped on this debate. So, let me tell you where I stand on this.

  The story of Jack the tow dolly………


Al and I spent hours deciding “do we get a vehicle that will tow four wheels down or keep the Toyota Highlander (which is paid for) and get a tow dolly? You cannot tow all types of vehicles, four wheels down (four tires on the ground). There are certain makes and years that can be towed 4-wheels down. You can find the list of towable vehicles on the internet at As we were being Conservatively Cheap we went with the dolly option. I mean, how hard can this be?

So here it is. It’s got a nice pretty blue color, almost a Michigan Blue color. Doesn’t look like it would cause any pain, right?

So, we decide to hook up the Highlander the night before we leave on our adventure. It’s dark and the weather is not great. The first thing you must do is get the vehicle centered to drive up the ramp. Easy, right?


Do you remember the song ‘Do It Again” by Steely Dan?

“You go back, Jack Do it again.

Wheels turning Round and Round.

You go back, Jack Do It again.

So, Al is driving and I’m standing there trying to give him directions. OK I know, Yes, I was trying to give a man directions (My first mistake) but eventually after several attempts, while he’s mumbling something under his breath and I’m almost in tears, we get it in place. O.K. now you must apply the straps to keep on the tow dolly while traveling down the road. This will also take some time to get straps straight and then ratchet them tight… P.S. since we smoke, but not in the Motorhome, we make many stops along the way. During these stops, it is a great time to check the straps, making sure they are tight. I mean no one wants the Highlander coming loose and running away.

I’m happy to report that after doing this several times we now have a routine. Before attempting to get the Highlander on the dolly, I pray “Please, let us get this in 2 attempts”

Then I say a little mantra, “I’m smarter than this dolly”, I can give Al perfect directions. We only need to try this twice, right? Stay calm.

And then we share a small kiss before heading into the ‘Danger Zone” The place where we will completely lose our temper or will to be nice, because we know in our hearts this is going to begin badly. We always make it happen because we have the willpower to carry through and cannot hit the road until the Highlander is on the tow dolly.

Al always says “The worst day Rving is better than the best day at work”

I say “Once we get that vehicle on the dolly and don’t have to “Do It Again “it is the best moment in Rving”

Now I must tell you the great news for the Old Soul. She got a new transfer switch this week. Her batteries are purring and she’s doing great. I’m sure if we would have had an inspection done when we bought her, our Old soul would have told us we might be in for trouble. The inspector would have checked the batteries and the Generator. We could have made a more informed decision about the RV we were about to purchase….

Still loving the Old Soul…… and I guess I must say something nice about Jack, like ‘Good Job” or “You’re always bringing up the rear”. On to our next Adventure…. Laura



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