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The Old Soul – Our cruise and black RV tanks

The Old Soul , The Inspector and Me

Come Sail Away by Styx

“I’m sailing away set an open course for the virgin sea. I’ve got to be free, free to face the life that’s ahead of me. On board, I’m the captain so climb aboard, we’ll search for tomorrow on every shore And I’ll try Oh, Lord I’ll try to carry on”.

We went on a cruise recently, my first time. Like so many adventures we have been on, it was amazing. My grown children and grandchildren were with us on the cruise. Now that they have their own lives, I like to hang out with them as they are much more interesting now that they are older.

Now let me set this scene for you. I’m sitting on this ship, sun on my face, drink in my hand somewhere between Coco Cay and Nassau in the Bahamas, surrounded by my family.

I hear this conversation behind me. They are talking about house toilets, RV toilets, shipboard toilets and how they work? Al and my son are talking about toilets. Al is explaining black tanks to my son. I kid you not!

Suddenly I’m thinking about black tanks on a cruise ship. How big they must be to carry all that waste and who has the job of treating them and emptying them. “What’s your job?” “I do waste management on a cruise ship”.

So, let’s talk about toilets for a minute. You got to love the idea of traveling down the freeway with all your waste products slushing around under your feet. Black water and Grey water, the things we do to be on the road. Do you count how many sheets of TP you use or count to 5 when you flush the toilet? The most important equipment on your RV is the black tank management. You must make sure that you have a small waste management system on board. As you move down the road do you have chemicals crashing around, inside your black tank, keeping everything wet and moving to help it break down?

As I’m sitting here writing, Al just came in and asked me to stop a minute to help him. Guess what he’s doing? Yeah, he’s dragging a hose through the window to attach the wand to so he can flush out the black tank on the “Old Soul” since our tank flush doesn’t work.

So, let’s get back to the sun on my face, drink in my hand, and the conversation I’m listening to. My son is not a RV person. I know he thinks traveling down the road is a great idea, which it is but like others who want the adventure, he doesn’t understand the work behind it.

We did an inspection on Monday for a person that we are friendly with. He and his wife are selling everything, bought an RV and within the month will be fulltime RVers. He has only driven an RV once, the one he just bought and drove home. They haven’t experienced the “Black Tank” (which the seller conveniently left full for him). As we’re doing the inspection we are giving him information about the RV systems he has and you can see his facial expressions going from “Happy Camper” to “what did I do?” He is on overload. The “Newbie” has passed into the twilight zone. So how do we explain everything he needs to know? How do you say, “things will happen, expect it?” “You will learn as you go”. Where is the manual for the newbie, “RVing for dummies?” We see every day people turn to Facebook groups and ask the “dumb” questions and what do some Facebook members do, as “experts in their mind”? Someone will put some sarcastic remark out there or say this has been asked before”. Remember, we were all newbies at one time.

Someone said, “RV people are a different breed”. They are always helpful because we must depend on each other out there.

So, remember as we captain our houses on wheels and dream of “Sailing Away”, the children (newbies) of RVing need us to help explain to them the “Black tanks “. They need to know that “water is good” whether it’s in a black tank or the Bahamas.

On to our next adventure