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The following is the latest list of RV recalls complied

The following is the latest list of RV recalls complied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA):

Keystone RV Co. is recalling 8,313 2019-2020 Keystone Carbon, Cougar, Fuzion, Impact and Raptor fifth-wheel trailers equipped with a Furrion over the air (OTA) wing-style television antenna. The antenna may separate from the mounting base during transit, becoming a road hazard.

Forest River Inc. is recalling 62 2021 Riverstone trailers, models RSF37MRE, RSF381FB, RSF383MB, SF383MB-W, RSF39FK, RSF38FKTH, RSF39FKTH-W, RSF39FK-W, RSF39RBFL, RSF39KFB and RSF39RKFB-W, equipped with an optional generator prep package. Incorrect transfer switch wiring may allow a voltage back feed to the power cord when plugged into shore power.

Jayco Inc. is recalling 3,629 2016-2018 Greyhawk and Redhawk and 2018 Envoy 100 and 200 Series motorhomes. The mounting bracket for the leveling system hydraulic pump may fail and allow the pump or the fluid reservoir to contact the ground.

Forest River Inc. is recalling two 2016 Amera-Lite Cargo Van trailers, model ALD612SA. The thickness of the steel tubes used to manufacture the trailer’s drawbars may be insufficient for the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

Forest River is recalling 370 2020-2021 Vengeance trailers, models VGF351A13-81, VGF371A13-81, VGF383V16-81 and VGF4007V-81. The fifth-wheel landing legs may not be seated properly with enough space between the brackets which are welded to the chassis, allowing the fifth wheel to slip down the landing leg and can puncture the floor of the vehicle.

Jayco Inc. is recalling 1,409 2017 North Point fifth wheel trailers. The leaf springs in the front and rear suspension of the vehicle do not provide adequate load support and may allow the tires to contact the surrounding structure under certain dynamic load conditions.

Forest River is recalling 71 2021 No Boundaries (NOBO) 10.5 and 10.6 travel trailers equipped with Dometic CFX3 Series chest refrigerators (models CFX3 35, CFX3 45, CFX3 55IM, CFX3 75DZ, CFX3 95DZ and CFX3 100). The protection device on the electrical circuit may fail when the refrigerator is connected to both AC and DC power, allowing the AC/DC power supply to back feed through some or all of the other appliances (such as the air conditioner, water pump, lights, furnace, etc.) that are connected to the 12V DC system. A voltage overload may result, causing DC appliances on the same circuit to fail.

Jayco Inc. is recalling 666 2019-2021 Entegra Qwest and Jayco Melbourne and Melbourne Prestige motorhomes built on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. The rear part of the fender liner on the front axle may contact and chafe the brake hose, possibly resulting in a loss of brake fluid.

Airstream Inc. is recalling 45 model year 2020-2021 Airstream Interstate motorhomes equipped with VB suspension systems. The lock portion of the countersink bolts attaching the VB Suspension system to the vehicle may be too long preventing the panhard rod bracket from fully contacting the springs, resulting in bolts absorbing the load instead of the bracket.