My wife and I came from the motor yachting community. It was common practice to have a marine survey performed when purchasing or selling. We decided to take our next step into land yachting. We looked at many coaches at dealerships and did not have a good feeling of what we were looking at. We identified a coach from a private owner. I was put in contact with Al from a friend. Al and his wife were performing an inspection in South Carolina on a Friday and offered to do my inspection on this coach on a Saturday in Tennessee. Al was very knowledgeable on this coach. He performed a very thorough inspection on the coach, in the rain. Al took the stress out of the purchase. We went over his findings. I would recommend Al’s services and any RV purchase. Al had his report available that evening. His goal was not to break the deal but was to informed purchase. I was able to use Al’s report to contract an extended warranty on the coach without an additional inspection. Al and his wife did a great job and I will use them again on my next purchase. I highly recommend his services!



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