I was the perfect target for scam artists when purchasing my trailer. I was on a tight timetable moving to an area with limited housing and making decisions mostly on my own without enough knowledge. A friend of mine who had recently purchased his own trailer got me started by looking at trailers on Craigslist – and of course, by nature I’m a very trusting individual, so this was likely the worst place for me to start. Long story short, when my 5th wheel trailer was delivered to my hookup site lots of people had raised eyebrows over its condition. In my contract, there was a clause to cancel the deal if I got an independent inspection. I found Al & Laura through a google search and it was hands down the best decision I’ve made in the process. They were responsive and setup an appointment in a good time frame that fit both of our schedules. They conducted a 4+ hour inspection from top to bottom and produced a 70+ page report stating all of the good, the bad, and the ugly. I had the inspection report in my hands the same evening as the inspection was conducted – I couldn’t believe how fast they were able to turn a very professional report around in such a short time frame. I learned a lot about trailers from just their inspection and will be using the report to help get my money back. Since my inspection, Al and Laura continue to support me as I figure out my next steps and keep adding to my trailer education. Al and Laura are a dynamic, professional, and hardworking team. I feel very fortunate that our paths crossed and they brought some very positive energy in what has been a stressful experience otherwise. I highly recommend them if you are looking to get a trailer inspected before you purchase or before you sell!



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