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Should I buy a new RV or an older model?

question, right? Read this article below from someone that, well, didn’t have a
great experience with purchasing a new RV. Are all new RVs this way? Of course not but it might make you re-consider your decision.

From Mary.

I have a comment about our experience at our home with our “brand new,
“out of the box”, Forest River Wildwood Travel Trailer model: Wildwood
230 BHXL,

Saw horses, Plywood, Masonite, Trim Molding, cable ties, Gorilla
tape, and a cart full of tools best describe the second day home with Forest
River Wildwood Trailer.

I thought that the trim around the bed frame (touching the
mattress) was steel. It is plastic with very sharp edges. I fixed it and the
frame has new molding, looks much better and is safe to handle.

All around the edges of both openings to access to storage below the dinette
seats were rough and unfinished. Major sliver territory. I put new trim around
the openings. Top not yet complete. Now smooth and accessible.

When I arrived home, the front and rear stabilizer wiring was
hanging down. Upon inspection, (which was easy because the under body liner was
torn front and rear), I found that neither the front or rear electric box that
the stabilizer wires went to, were attached to the trailer. There are two tabs
on the mechanism for screws. I have attached both front and rear items.

liner was torn.

room tub faucet unit away from wall. I caulked this and tightened as best as
possible. Appears that there is no backing for screws to go into.

is the power panel, fuse box. Turns out that it is the “Remote control” brain
center. It is unattached, lying under the rear bunk. There are four mounting

Storage area below sofa was totally open. This would allow
critters and cold weather to enter the main living area. I removed the sofa and
installed insulation and plywood. It is now sealed.
Now plywood covered

base of both booth dinettes and bunk beds is made of rough particle board. This
would have torn up the upholstery in a heartbeat. It is now covered with nice
smooth Masonite.

and error to find which switch was for the Slide out and the awning. I had to
mark them myself.

is a “Channel” shaped plastic piece covering the edges of each door frame. There
is NOTHING holding the top, horizontal piece in place other than it is resting
on the vertical piece. No screws, no glue. I just reached up and pulled it off.
(No surprise how flexible it was. The vertical piece had one screw near the top
and bottom attaching it. It was totally loose. And, that was the same on both
doors. I took it off, glued everything and put it back together with more

I had a rear-view camera installed by the dealership. They told
me that for it to work, I had to have my running lights or head lights on. OK,
that made sense. The day after getting the unit home, I walked around the
trailer in the dark. The truck was disconnected. I notice that the camera light
was on (on the trailer). Apparently, it was hard wired to the 12 V system. Just
Great. Bad for the camera on all the time and my battery.”


As we perform RV inspections, It doesn’t matter if we inspect a 2018 model or a “70s” model, we inspect them like we are buying it ourselves. Our detailed inspection report, along with pictures, will give you the information to make an “eductaed” buying decision. The decision is up to you. We are always here to help at