Today is Sept 27th and we are in San Antonio, TX. We start our 1st day of volunteering with RVDC to help folks that were effected by hurricane Harvey.

Well, we got our “Go Kit” from RV Disaster Corps yesterday. We got bright yellow vest, work gloves, I.D. badges and lanyards. I think we are official volunteers. 

Looks like they need us to help out in a warehouse in San Antonio sorting and labeling all the donations they have collected.

Hope to know tomorrow our assignment dates.




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  1. Al,
    I was wonderful to meet you and Laura at the NRVIA event in Heber Springs. I am so grateful for your willingness to both serve in the RVDC and to let me put you on the spot at the meeting.
    I am indebted to you both. Lunch on me when the road leads through Waco.

    Joe Arrington

    • Thanks Joe for the lunch offer. We had to come back to GA to handle some things but hope to be back in Texas soon.

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