The U.S. Energy Administration published this week the future forecasts of Propane production and Propane prices. We all know that supply and demand dictates pricing in any industry. It appears prices are inching up by the charts below.

I have seen in the last few days on social media some, it appears, false reports that there is going to be a major propane shortage this winter, as high as 27%, and folks are urged to stock-up or set-up automatic deliveries of propane. Yes it appears by the charts that the inventories could be a little higher and hopefully after production gets back to pre-hurricane levels, all will be good. This panicked shortage will cause prices to increase even more. By the charts below, it appears that production is where it needs to be.

Here is what the U.S. Energy Administration reports. Release date: December 6, 2017



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  1. The complaint I have is we as rv’ers are forced into having to buy new tanks now Because of a inspection date of 12 years on perfectly good tanks after we were already forced to buy tanks with the new style safety valve Will it ever stop these tanks are not cheap and there are so many propane dealers that do not recertification the tanks and we hafta drive 50 miles or more just to get a tank resertified ( for instance my even is a 2009 and the tanks are already out of date ) I can not afford to buy tanks every time the date runs out on a perfectly good tank now we hafta recertify them every 5 years Myself as a regular propane user among all the rest that are having to go through this think this is absolutely rediculas and uncalled for Will this ripoff ever stop or is there Gona be some kind of assistance to replace the old tanks or should I say what you call out of date tanks that are like new ?????

    • Billy,
      I hear your compliant and can sympathize. We are full-time RVers in a motorhome and since ours is an ASME tank (no date expiration even though our RV is 15 yrs.) I have to wonder the longevity of our 15-year-old Propane tank.

      As far as when it will stop, wow, no answer to that one. Our Government has many laws and rules we don’t always agree with but are forced to live with.
      Thanks for your response.

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