Oil and Coolant Analysis

Why do we offer Fluid Analysis services?

Why should you consider it when purchasing a Motorhome?

We feel strongly about providing our clients a complete RV inspection which includes Fluid Analysis so you can make a complete educated buying decision.

Fluid Analysis of engine oils and coolants are designed to point out any major issues as to anything that might be of concern to you prior to purchasing a motorhome.

Click here RV Fluid Analysis to see the stats of many samples taken over time. The results will amaze you.

Here are the results of  Coolant Fluid Analysis on a 2015 Tiffin Phaeton with only 35,320 miles on a Cummins Engine. Why would an engine with this so few miles have this type of issue? There are many options according to the testing labratory provided in the report. Like a Blood Test a doctor performs on your body when you visit, a fluid analysis provides a look into the engine. Can you see inside an engine? We cannot either. 

We are no experts and do not have the knowledge to provide advice about Fluid Analysis results. Here is a link to learn about how to read and interput fluid analysis results. Reading_a_Sample_Report

You owe it to yourself to get the fluids tested on the Motorhome you are considering purchasing. Click here to contact us to discuss Fluid Analysis.