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Is the RVing Lifestyle for you?

What is the RVing Lifestyle?

The RV Lifestyle for many people is “re-connecting to nature”. It is a “great getaway” from the day to day grind of working and raising a family. They leave behind the cell service, satellite TV and the house chores to get away and relax, even if only for a weekend.

Some use their RVs to tailgate at ballgames while others use theirs to visit family or maybe attend high school/college graduations. For some it has become more economical to stay in a RV versus a hotel room if they are on a work assignment, out of state for weeks or months at a time. They have more living space in a RV and can cook their own meals instead of eating out, which makes for a healthy lifestyle too. Nascar fans use their RVs to watch their favorite drivers while camping in the infield of the racetrack.

There are folks out their “Full timing” in their RVs and they are financially able to travel around the country without working. They have sold the house and got rid of years of stuff to live in their RV and travel fulltime. Some also use “working camping” as a means of supporting their travels. With the current age of communications, many folks can work from the road if they have a good internet connection, whether they are self-employed, or they work for a company.

The RVing Lifestyle means different things to different people.

As we perform RV inspections, we always ask our clients that hired us, is this your first RV?

The overall response is yes, “this is our first RV”. Many tell us they believe it is cheaper to live in an RV versus a “sticks and bricks” house. Some tell us they are approaching retirement and want to travel and see America. Some tell us they are building a house and want to put an RV on their property until the house is built. Some say they went camping with their parents as kids and want their kids to have the same RVing experience.

We have performed inspections for clients that tell us they are “upgrading” to a larger RV and some are “downsizing” to a smaller RV. The RVing lifestyle solves many needs and desires.

The RV Lifestyle, however, is not for everyone.

We have seen many folks, that read about the quality of RVs being manufactured these days, and say they don’t want the hassle that comes with poor quality in the manufacturing process and/or the lack of customer service at many dealerships around the U.S.

We asked one seller why they were selling their RV and the husband indicated that his wife didn’t like the dirt, leaves, etc. that tracks into the RV. My guess was she was a “city dweller” and just didn’t enjoy the sights and sounds of the local wildlife or the smoke from camp fires in the campground.

We have had some sellers tell us they are selling their RV because their current health situation didn’t allow them to travel anymore. So instead of letting a RV sit around not being used, they were selling it. You could tell there was sadness because they enjoyed their RV travels.

We have had conversations with folks that will say “boy, I wish we could do what you do”, travel and see interesting things around America. When we mention that you’ll need to get rid of all the things you have collected over the years as it won’t fit into a RV. Their response is “well, I can’t do that, I cannot get rid of my collection of ….”. Some have said “I need to be around my grandchildren”.

Are you a Dreamer or Doer RVer?

A dreamer is someone that sees what others are doing and wish they could do it too. However, they don’t have the courage to step out and make it happen. Many people are fearful of change and the unknown from making changes in their lives. They like what RVing has to offer, meeting new people, going to festivals like the “Albuquerque Balloon Festival” or just getting away to gain inner peace. Maybe they fear criticism of their parents, kids, neighbors or friends that label them as “they have lost their mind” for wanting to purchase an RV and travel.

A doer is the person that realizes that being a RVer brings excitement in the joy of seeing new things, the friends they will make while camping, the enjoyment of seeing their children explore the great outdoors and the memories they will make that can last a lifetime.

Which are you a “doer or a dreamer”? Only you can know for sure if the RVing lifestyle is for you. For most folks that have made the decision to get into the RVing lifestyle, they say they wish they would have done it sooner. Are you ready to become a Doer?

We hope you to see the doers out there as we travel ourselves. Safe Travels!