Class C Inspections

Class C Motorhome Inspections

As you can imagine, a fluid analysis is very important on any RV that has an engine and/or generator. Many sellers will try to compromise their RV sale by having the unit look spotless. The emotions of the Buyer take over and a sale is made before anyone seriously verifies the quality of the fluids that operate the RV!

However, this is a serious purchase you are contemplating. Almost like buying a house! In many ways, purchasing a used RV is even more complex because of the many different ways they operate – Shore Power, Battery Power, Generator Power, Fresh, Black and Grey holding tanks, engines, transmissions, tires, etc.

Class C RV Inspection

Regular Class C Motorhome

Points of Inspection
20 to 30 Photos
One Fluid Analysis (Engine Oil)

Super Class C Motorhome

Points of Inspection
30 to 40 Photos
Two Fluid Analysis (Engine Oil and Coolant)

 Rates are subject to a mileage charge.