5th Wheel Inspections

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These vehicles are not self-powered so only the actual RV itself is inspected. The towing vehicle is usually already owned or being purchased separately.

Our 5th Wheel Inspection types can cover up to 37 different categories with the 5th wheel – from the roof, the chassis, tires, slide outs, refrigerator, electrical systems, propane systems, water systems and waste systems to name a few.

5th Wheel Inspection

93 Points of Inspection – Click here to see all the points we inspect.

20 to 30 Photos

Inspection cost will vary on the type of RV inspection. RV inspections start as low as $360.00. Fluid Analysis start at $80.00. Rates are subject to a mileage charge. We will travel 100 miles, round trip, at “no charge”.

As a Certified NRVIA Inspector, we are trained to inspect all types of RVs.

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