Inspection Points

Inspection Types will vary on the type of RV from Pop-up to Diesel Pusher and which of the two levels you choose.

As a Certified NRVIA Inspector we will typically offer you two types of Inspections for whatever RV you are considering too purchase. A good example would be a non-motorized RV has no need for any type of oil samples.

A self-contained RV, such as a Class A, B or C are extremely complex – plus, it has a very expensive engine and fluids that should be tested as well!

We will go over the various options you have with you and help you determine what is needed. Perhaps the vehicle has an engine and extremely accurate Maintenance Logs. That’s all well and good – but, was an oil analysis ever done?

Naturally, the cost of the RV itself may determine how much you want to spend? These factors will be explained to you.

The costs can range anywhere from approximately $275 to $895.00. Perhaps start with a Basic Inspection and upgrade right on the spot if all looks OK?

If within the first 5 minutes it is determined the RV has a serious flaw, why waste extra time and money – That inspector has provided an excellent service to you.

We all know that RV purchases can be an expensive item – especially if it is to be your “Full Time Home” and it is a very emotional experience! We caution you to “listen” to your inspector and understand if something is seriously wrong, you should adhere to their advice. Their job is to point out the good and the bad, for you – as a qualified inspector!

All the fluff and pretty things won’t mean a darn thing if you are sitting on the side of the road, broken down!

Click below to view the various options with each level of inspection.

Points of Inspection