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How much does an RV inspection cost – why it is a good idea to get one performed?

Is it too good to be true?

We have all heard the phrase “If it is too good to be true? The price of an RV you are looking to purchase is advertised so much below market average that you must ask yourself, “is this too good to be true”? What is wrong with this RV for it to be priced so low? A light bulb goes off and you wonder how much does an RV inspection cost?

Why is it important to get an RV Inspection?

Purchasing an RV is a very serious undertaking. It can be just as expensive as purchasing a house. It really doesn’t matter if you are thinking about getting a small Pop-up for a family vacation or a Class A Diesel Pusher to live in full-time.

Just as if you were purchasing a house, you would want it done by a certified home inspector – not a local handyman. Same goes for an RV.

You fell in love with the layout and the features that the RV has and the seller indicates that all the maintenance has been performed on a regular basis. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Do you have the knowledge to test the RV systems?

Ask yourself, do you know how to test for LP gas leaks? Do you know how to test that the AC units are cooling properly? Do you know if the RV Refrigerator has a pending recall? Do you know what a “Hot Skin” condition is and how to detect it?

Is it a good idea to get an RV inspection?

If you answered no to these few questions above, you need an RV inspection. Why spend your hard-earned money on a RV you love only to find out later that it is a lemon? Maybe the purchase price is at your maximum spend and if a RV item quits working, you won’t have the money to repair it.

All RVs, new and old, can have issues with their systems that a qualified inspector can uncover.

RV Finance companies and Extended Warranty companies require an inspection

More and more RV finance companies are asking the buyer to provide an “inspection report” to protect their investment. Buyers that pay cash should have an inspection to protect their investment as well.

Many Extended Warranty companies are requiring an inspection to verify the RV systems are in working order and well as the condition of the tires.

RV Inspection Cost

RV Inspection cost can be as little as $250 and as high as $1200. The pricing depends on the level of inspection that is being performed. It is also based on the type of RV inspected. It would not make sense to spend $1200 on a $5000 travel trailer but to spend $1200 on a $300K Diesel Pusher Motorhome, that would be a wise investment.

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