Still have questions?

Here you will find a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) covering RV Inspections and why you should consider having a professional inspection completed by A & L RV Inspection before you purchase your RV.

I have found a great RV to buy, but I live a long distance away. How can you help me?

Yes we can. Over 85% of our clients are “out-of-state”. We have performed inspections for clients residing in Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, look to purchase an RV in America. They never saw the RV until they purchased it, based on our inspection report.

A & L RV Inspection conducts inspections all over the USA. If we happen not to be close to the RV to be inspected, in the time frame you need it done, we can recommend another NRVIA certified inspector closer by the RV to be inspected.

Why do I need an independent RV inspection?

We are an experienced, unbiased and impartial inspection service that, by our code of ethics, does not have any financial interest in the transaction. The inspection we perform provides detailed information about the current operating condition of the RV you are planning to purchase. If everything is working and in good operating condition, the report will provide confirmation that what the seller said and what you thought to be true is true. However, in the case where components are not working, the report lets you, the buyer, know the true condition of the RV before you purchase it.

I have owned travel trailers and motorhomes. Why would I pay you to conduct the RV inspection?

The buyers are often looking at the aesthetics of the RV to determine it will meet their travel and comfort needs. The emotional attachment to the purchase process can lead the buyer to overlook the obvious and hidden condition of the RV. We inspect each RV using our inspection checklist in a methodical and detached manner providing a truly unbiased inspection. Confirming what you believe to be true is a good thing. Finding real or potential problems that you may have overlooked before you buy is even better.

I have found a great RV. When does A & L RV Inspection get involved?

It seems to work best if you, the buyer, find the RV you are interested in purchasing and negotiate a price that you are willing to pay based on the assumption that what the seller has represented to you is correct and that the purchase is contingent on completion of a professional inspection. Be clear about what you expect and get it in writing. Your independent inspector will inspect the RV using the NRVIA detailed inspection checklist. The NRVIA inspection report will identify in detail the current state of the RV. After the inspection is completed, report reviewed and pictures analyzed, you then decide how to proceed. If what you expected was confirmed to be true, you can buy with more confidence. If the inspection finds issues that concern you, then you have alternatives. You can renegotiate the purchase price based on the inspection report or you can request the seller to fix the items that concern you or you can walk away from the deal. However, make sure that you specify, and put in writing, that the deal is contingent on an inspection from an independent inspector of your choice to confirm what the seller has represented to be true.

Are you licensed and insured?

The RV Inspection industry does not have any requirements for inspectors to have a license to operate. We do have two (2) certifications of completed courses and we do have Commercial Liability insurance to protect all parties involved in an RV Inspection.



What if I decide not to purchase the RV you inspected? Do you provide a discount if I hire you again?

Since all inspections require the same amount of work based on the type of vehicle inspected and level of service provided, unfortunately we cannot discount our services but we can and will move you to the top of our schedule.

How long does it take to perform an inspection?

The amount of time an inspection can last is dependent on the type of unit. Obviously, Class A Diesel Pushers have more working components that a 20′ Travel Trailer. Inspections are going to take several hours (maybe 3 to 10 hours) to complete.

Why should I have my Engine, Generator and Transmission tested?

Internal parts depend on oils and coolants to remain stable between service intervals. Oil and coolant analysis tells you when your oils and coolants experience any signs of early breakdown or contamination. Not only does fluid sampling check them for signs of thermal breakdown, mechanical breakdown or contamination; but, the lab can also check for any indication of internal part wear. Oil and coolant analysis allows you to detect anything that might need your attention long before they can result in road calls, expensive repairs or lost travel time

 How long does it take to receive my inspection report?

We always give you a verbal recap at the end of the inspection. Most clients should expect to have the report ready within 24 hours following your inspection. We will make all efforts to have it to you at the end of the inspection day. If you had fluid samples taken during your inspection, those reports can take up to 5-7 business days from the date of inspection and will likely be sent to you after you’ve already received your actual inspection findings. There is a “rush service” with the lab for an additional $40.00.

How do I protect my intent to purchase and secure enough time to receive the results of my inspection and/or fluid analysis?

We have a free a “pre-purchase agreement” that you can use to help you in the process. Please email us at sales@alrvinspection.com and we will send you a copy.