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Do you have a RV Hot Skin condition?

How many RVer’s have heard of a RV Hot Skin condition? When I mention we will perform a “hot skin” test to a buyer that hires us to do a RV inspection, they say, “hot skin”, what is that?

When we do RV inspections, it is a mandatory that we must perform a “Hot Skin” test on all types of RVs we inspect. This is a life safety issue along with a propane leak test, detectors, etc.

This is me doing a Hot Skin test on this RV recently.

What do I mean by a RV “Hot Skin”? It occurs when the frame of the RV is no longer at the same voltage potential as the earth around it. This can be caused by an incorrectly wired electrical pedestal, a previous RV owner improperly re-wired his electrical cord that may have gotten damaged. It could happen by someone attaching an item to an RV using a screw and hit a wire behind the wall. These situations can cause stray 120V current to travel around various metal parts of an RV.

When this happens, someone can be shocked when say, grabbing the handle entering an RV, maybe it is stepping on the entry steps to an RV or maybe standing on wet grass and opening a cargo bay door. People may only receive a little tingle versus a shock, either way, it is an indication that there is 120V of current “free flowing” in the RV and this is very dangerous. How dangerous is it, so dangerous that people and pets have died due to having a “hot skin” condition in their RV.

What should people do if they experience a “hot skin” condition in their RV? Stop using the RV and have it looked at by a qualified RV Technician. An individual can attempt to determine the cause of the stray 120V and even repair it themselves. Bottom line is get it repaired as soon as possible and do not use the RV until it is repaired.