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Daylight Savings Time and Life Safety

On Sunday, 11/5, we turn our clocks back one hour. Many folks in sticks and bricks homes usually see the local fire departments post that everyone should check the batteries in their Smoke Detectors, twice a year when the clocks get changed.

As RVers, we need to take it one step further. Since all of the “life safety” devices in our RVs have an expiration date and some have batteries as well, it is critical to your safety to check the expiration date of the Carbon Monoxide, your Propane Detector and your Smoke Detector. Install new batteries in any device that has a battery. One last thing. Check the date on your Fire Extinguisher.

Make it a practice to check your detectors for expiration dates, educate those around you how to exit an RV in case of a fire, check your propane systems for leaks and please slow down to arrive safely to your destination!

Happy Trails!