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Al has been very professional and has made my desision off getting this particular rv easy.
The report was clear, and each specific request I had ask AL to check, he did with particular attention. I live in Switzerland so the expertise of the RV was primordial for me.
I would like to add that AL did go the extra mille by sending the report late in the evening after a 3 hours drive home.
Excellent service.


Stow Fabrice

Wonderful report

We received a “10” rating from a client today. It is a great pleasure to provide quality service to folks that hire us to inspect their RV.

Rating #: 127727 (Buyer/Seller)
Jul 17, 2017 3:53 PM 
Rating: 10
Wonderful report along with great follow-up.


They decided not to buy

Below is a testimonial from a client of ours that decided not to purchase the RV after getting our inspection report. The RV was in FL and the buyers were in Montana. They were ready to hope on an airplane to buy their motorhome and drive it back to Montana but our report changed their mind.

Hi Al,

Your report was invaluable to us. I just wanted to thank you for all you did for us here. If we weren’t able to rely on a service like yours I’m not sure what we would do in trying to purchase such a vehicle from so far away.

I did have some questions on the report, but they’re really not that important now since we ended up backing out of the deal.

Based on your report we just felt there were too many issues that pointed to the coach not having been taken care of that well, and quite frankly wondered if it had been through one of the hurricanes last year and that’s where all the water in the light lenses came from as well as a few of the other issues you pointed out.

Thanks Again! 

Tom and Pam

An Invaluable Service

My wife and I came from the motor yachting community. It was common practice to have a marine survey performed when purchasing or selling. We decided to take our next step into land yachting. We looked at many coaches at dealerships and did not have a good feeling of what we were looking at. We identified a coach from a private owner. I was put in contact with Al from a friend. Al and his wife were performing an inspection in South Carolina on a Friday and offered to do my inspection on this coach on a Saturday in Tennessee. Al was very knowledgeable on this coach. He performed a very thorough inspection on the coach, in the rain. Al took the stress out of the purchase. We went over his findings. I would recommend Al’s services and any RV purchase. Al had his report available that evening. His goal was not to break the deal but was to informed purchase. I was able to use Al’s report to contract an extended warranty on the coach without an additional inspection. Al and his wife did a great job and I will use them again on my next purchase. I highly recommend his services!

Mar Wochner

Very Pleased

We were pressed for time and afraid we would miss out on a great deal. It was a five hour trip for us to check this unit out, so I called Al and he rearranged his schedule to go out the first thing the next morning, do the inspection and called us with a verbal report.

We not only had his verbal report right away, we had his written report before we arrived at our destination.

Thanks. Kristi

Awesome job

May 23rd, 2018

“You did an awesome job. I appreciate what you did and you helped us make this purchase.”

Mike – Tennessee

Thanks For Your Role In Our New Venture

Its been almost a year since we began seriously searching for the right RV for our family.  We’d like to say thanks for helping us along the way.

Thanks to Al for stopping on his way (short notice) to the PA RV show to inspect our coach and put us newbies at ease.  You confirmed our thoughts that we were buying a quality coach that was well taken care of. 

Its not often (based on our research and reading forums and blogs) that RV purchasers have a good first experience.  Thanks to all of you, we did.  We wouldn’t hesitate to refer any of you to anyone that was thinking of buying a coach. 

Best Regards, 

Rich & Toni


Minds at Ease, Ready for Adventure

Wanted to thank you for the very thorough, professional, & timely RV inspection… You have been helpful & informative… As much of a learning curve as we face, you have encouraged us… we are truly looking forward to many adventures…

Kevin & Stacey

Great experience

Al and Laura were great! They were great communicators, and took the time to answer any questions we had. They walked us around our RV and made sure we understood everything that would be in the report. We are so thankful we hired them and we’d recommend them to anyone.


A big Thank You

This was posted in the Monaco Facebook group from a customer .

“I would like to give a big thank you to Al Pearce of A & L RV Inspection Services for the great job and report on the Level 2 inspection. Now it’s just a matter of paying the seller and it’s ours. Mark”

A “10” Testimonial

Rating: 10

Comment: Al Pearce has been fantastic to work with!! From the initial phone call to the end report, he was straight forward, honest, and very polite. I would 100% recommend him to anyone needing an RV inspection. He has even inspired me to look at getting my own certification!

The club wants to say “thank you”

The club wants to say “thank you” to you and Laura for coming to our rally and putting on a superb presentation! I could hear lots of positive sidebar conversations going on at our mini golf tournament about things that they “never knew”, me included, to check in their RV’s. Your plan to educate most definitely succeeded and if you didn’t pick up any inspections at this rally I’m sure you will in the future. Thanks again and look forward to our paths crossing in the future. Bruce


Great Job!

Al did a great job and we are completely satisfied with his inspection, which was very thorough.


Great Customer Service!

Al went out of his way to make sure we could meet the requirements of our RV loan in a timely fashion. He was patient, cooperative and highly knowledgeable in his field of expertise. I would strongly recommend using A&L RV Inspection for any services they provide!


Al and Laura were the shining light in an otherwise stressful experience

I was the perfect target for scam artists when purchasing my trailer. I was on a tight timetable moving to an area with limited housing and making decisions mostly on my own without enough knowledge. A friend of mine who had recently purchased his own trailer got me started by looking at trailers on Craigslist – and of course, by nature I’m a very trusting individual, so this was likely the worst place for me to start. Long story short, when my 5th wheel trailer was delivered to my hookup site lots of people had raised eyebrows over its condition. In my contract, there was a clause to cancel the deal if I got an independent inspection. I found Al & Laura through a google search and it was hands down the best decision I’ve made in the process. They were responsive and setup an appointment in a good time frame that fit both of our schedules. They conducted a 4+ hour inspection from top to bottom and produced a 70+ page report stating all of the good, the bad, and the ugly. I had the inspection report in my hands the same evening as the inspection was conducted – I couldn’t believe how fast they were able to turn a very professional report around in such a short time frame. I learned a lot about trailers from just their inspection and will be using the report to help get my money back. Since my inspection, Al and Laura continue to support me as I figure out my next steps and keep adding to my trailer education. Al and Laura are a dynamic, professional, and hardworking team. I feel very fortunate that our paths crossed and they brought some very positive energy in what has been a stressful experience otherwise. I highly recommend them if you are looking to get a trailer inspected before you purchase or before you sell!


Saved us a lot of headaches.

What a great experience! We were buying a new Motorhome and contacted Al & Laura to set up an expection to catch any problems so we could have them fixed before we took delivery. The inspection was unbelievable thorough certainly something the average person could/would never do. Sure enough they found several major items that had I taken delivery would have left me back at the dealer many times for service and also would have caused further damage to the coach.

An inspection on a new coach is not something people might consider but if you are buying a new RV re-think it, it is well worth the price and may prevent much aggravation in the future. You would be surprised how fast things get fixed when they are waiting for your check as opposed to after they have it,

Al and Laura are true professionals that work very hard to make sure you are represented and protected!


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