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Buy a new RV or a used RV. A dilemma we all face.

We all like the newness of buying a new RV, a new House or buying a new Car. If you have bought any of these items new, hopefully, everything was in working order after the purchase.

When it comes to RVs, the industry has a stigma of not producing a product that comes from the factory with everything in working order. Isn’t what you expect, everything in working order, right? You paid maybe 100s of thousands of dollars for an RV, only to find things were not all in working order.

We were looking at RVs last spring. Boy the new ones looked good, smelled good but it was hard to justifying paying the money they wanted. We decided on buying, at the time, a 14-yr. old Holiday Rambler Endeavor as we could pay cash for it and not have payments. The same model, with similar features, runs approx. $245K for a 2016 model. With 10% down, financed for 10 yrs. @ 3.5% interest, the payments would be approx. $2100.00/mo. Wow, that is more than a mortgage payment on the average house.

So here we are 9 months later. No payments on the “Old Soul” as Laura calls her and here are the repairs or replacements I have done.

Headlight switch replacement

Toilet Valve replacement

Refrigerator Replacement

Transfer Switch replacement

Furnace Motor Replacement

Alternator Belt (we broke down on this one and an RV tech replaced it)

Door Latch Replacement

Entry Door Seals Replacement

Fantastic Fan Switch Replacement

All Detectors replaced (Carbon Dioxide, Smoke detectors, etc.) they were past their expiration date.

We elected to replace:

Bathroom door with an accordion Door


We touched up paint on the exterior and I sealed some small cracks on the roof and the shower skylight.

Total cost of all parts, around $2400.00 not including my labor. That is a little over one monthly payment if we would have bought new vs an RV that was 14 yrs. old.

I just wish I had been an RV Inspector back when we bought the Endeavor. Some of these items would have been discovered during an inspection and we could have negotiated with the dealer to get them fixed. Moral of the story is, get an RV inspection no matter the age of the RV you are considering on purchasing. It could save a lot of aggravation in the future.

Happy Trails. AL