Propane prices and production according to U.S. Energy Dept. for 2017/2018

The U.S. Energy Administration published this week the future forecasts of Propane production and Propane prices. We all know that supply and demand dictates pricing in any industry. It appears prices are inching up by the charts below.

I have seen in the last few days on social media some, it appears, false reports that there is going to be a major propane shortage this winter, as high as 27%, and folks are urged to stock-up or set-up automatic deliveries of propane. Yes it appears by the charts that the inventories could be a little higher and hopefully after production gets back to pre-hurricane levels, all will be good. This panicked shortage will cause prices to increase even more. By the charts below, it appears that production is where it needs to be.

Here is what the U.S. Energy Administration reports. Release date: December 6, 2017

December 2017 RV Recalls

Wow, another month gone by and another month of RV Recalls. Below is a list of the most recent recalls. Part of our inspection service is we check every VIN number against all recall list to advise our clients if there are any pending recalls on the RV they are looking to purchase, so they can make an informed buying decision.

The following is the latest RV recall list compiled by the National Highway Safety Association (NHTSA). Click here for more information and to check your RV VIN number.


Jayco, Inc. (Jayco) is recalling 9,930 2016-2018 Jay Flight SLX recreational trailers equipped with a 35 amp power converter. The electrical circuit from the battery does not have overcurrent protection such as a fuse or circuit breaker.

Entegra Coach is recalling 1,598 2016-2018 Aspire, Anthem, Cornerstone, and Insignia motorhomes. The vehicles have lights that do not include reflectors and the vehicle does not have separate reflectors. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 108, “Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment.”

Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC is recalling 1,085 2018 Prowler and Trail Runner recreational trailers. The wires for the electric brakes may get caught in the spring hangers during axle movement, possibly resulting in the wires being severed.
Forest River Inc. (Forest River) is recalling 762 2017-2018 XLR Toyhauler, Vengeance and Wolf Pack recreational trailers equipped with an optional generator. The generator’s exhaust pipe is mounted too close to the trailer’s plastic underbelly.

Heartland is recalling 561 2018 Pioneer recreational trailers. The liquid propane (LP) manifold block may be mounted too close to the center shackle, allowing the shackle to hit the LP hose fitting and cause a propane leak.

REV Recreation Group (REV) is recalling 395 2017-2018 Fleetwood Jamboree and Holiday Rambler Vesta motorhomes. The hydraulic leveling system lines may not be properly secured allowing them to contact the axle or the chassis drive train components, possibly resulting in a hydraulic fluid leak.

Highland Ridge RV is recalling 118 2018 Light recreational trailers, models 312BHTS and 275RLS. The safety chains on these vehicles may be rated for a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 7,600 pounds, however the trailer has a GVWR of 11,700 pounds.

Thor Motor Coach (TMC) is recalling 36 2018 Ace, Axis, Hurricane, Windsport, and Vegas motorhomes. The wiring for the trailer lights may have been inserted into the wrong locations of the trailer lighting socket causing the trailer lights to not function properly. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 108, “Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment.”

Newell Coach Corp. is recalling 36 2017-2018 P50 coaches. These coaches have 100 amp self-resetting circuit breakers that may trip unexpectedly causing a loss of essential coach chassis systems such as ignition power, head lights, tail lights and wipers.

Forest River, Inc. (Forest River) is recalling certain 2017-2018 Dynamax Isata vehicles, models ISC36DSD, ISC35DBD, ISC36DSD4X4, built on RAM chassis equipped with Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel engines that have Concentric-brand water pumps without a vent hole. These water pumps may leak coolant.

Forest River, Inc. (Forest River) is recalling eight 2018 Puma recreational trailers. The Federal Placards indicate incorrect tire load range and tire pressure (PSI) information. The placard states a tire size of ST205/75R15/D requiring 50PSI, however the installed tires are size ST205/75R15/C, requiring 65PSI. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 110, “Tire Selection and Rims,” and they also fail to comply with the requirements of 49 CFR Part 567, “Certification.”

RV Recalls- November 2017

There are quite a few product recalls this month. Please check the list below to see if your RV has a recall as some of these can be life threatening.

KZRV recalls 19 RVs for slide room support arm issue

WASHINGTON — KZRV, L.P. is recalling certain 2017-2018 KZRV Sportsmen Sportster trailers. There is insufficient clearance between the slide out support arm and the vehicle tires. While the trailer is being towed, the axle travel can allow the tire to contact the support arm.


The remedy for this recall is still under development. The recall is expected to begin Dec. 8. Owners may contact KZRV customer service at 1-800-768-4016 extensions 154 or 153. KZRV’s number for this recall is KZ-2017-07.

SOURCE: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Forest River recalls 742 RVs for potential of wheels to loosen and separate

WASHINGTON — Forest River, Inc. (Forest River) is recalling certain 2018 Puma recreational trailers. When installing and tightening the wheels on the trailers, the wheel center caps may have interfered, preventing the wheels from being properly tightened.


Forest River will notify owners, and dealers will remove the plastic wheel center cap and install a different center cap, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin Dec. 5. Owners may contact Forest River customer service at 1.574.642.0588. Forest River’s number for this recall is 420-0537.

SOURCE: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Keystone recalls 83 RVs for a suspension that may fail

WASHINGTON — Keystone RV Company (Keystone) is recalling certain 2018 Carbon, Fuzion, and Raptor triple axle toy haulers. These vehicles may have an incorrectly welded suspension equalizer that can result in the suspension’s failure while traveling.


Keystone has notified owners, and dealers will replace the equalizer with a different one, free of charge. The recall began on Oct. 20. Owners may contact Keystone customer service at 1.866.425.4369. Keystone’s number for this recall is 17-305.

SOURCE: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Keystone recalls 1697 RVs for stove top cover

WASHINGTON — Keystone RV Company (Keystone) is recalling certain 2018 Crossroads Cruiser and 2017-2018 Crossroads Sunset, Volante, and Zinger recreational vehicles, equipped with Flame King cook tops designed for outdoor use. The cook tops have a corrugated fiber board that can burn due to a breeze or an inverted flame.


Keystone will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the corrugated fiber board protector and burner for damage. If no damage exists, the fiber board regulator will be replaced. If damage is found on the fiber board, the cook top will be replaced, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin Nov. 22. Owners may contact Keystone customer service at 1.855.226.7496. Keystone’s number for this recall is 17-303.

SOURCE: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Triple E RV recalls 56 RVs for incorrectly wired fridge

WASHINGTON — Triple E Recreational Vehicles (Triple E) is recalling 2016-2018 Wonder motorhomes, model W24MB. The fridge power supply is not correctly fused.


Triple E will notify owners, and dealers will correctly connect the fridge wire to the 20 amp fuse block, free of charge. The recall began on Nov. 1. Owners may contact Triple E RV customer service at 1.877.992.9906. Triple E RV?s number for this recall is CA #8764-1.

SOURCE: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Daylight Savings Time and Life Safety

On Sunday, 11/5, we turn our clocks back one hour. Many folks in sticks and bricks homes usually see the local fire departments post that everyone should check the batteries in their Smoke Detectors, twice a year when the clocks get changed.

As RVers, we need to take it one step further. Since all of the “life safety” devices in our RVs have an expiration date and some have batteries as well, it is critical to your safety to check the expiration date of the Carbon Monoxide, your Propane Detector and your Smoke Detector. Install new batteries in any device that has a battery. One last thing. Check the date on your Fire Extinguisher.

Make it a practice to check your detectors for expiration dates, educate those around you how to exit an RV in case of a fire, check your propane systems for leaks and please slow down to arrive safely to your destination!

Happy Trails!


The Old Soul, The Inspector and me in the Great State of Texas

“Time in a bottle” by Jim Croce

“If I could save time in a bottle. The first thing I’d like to do is to save every day. till eternity passes away. Just to spend time with you….”

First, I must tell you that we are pet less again. As Uncle Mike said “Sunrise has gone to the sunset”.

We are in the big state of Texas right now. We have been here working, playing, meeting new friends and visiting relatives while in Texas. One thing Al and I discovered when we first met was that the boy from Michigan and girl from Oregon both had relatives around Lubbock, TX. Even though we are not in west Texas, we are visiting his family this weekend in Eastland, TX then going to the Denton, TX area to visit my relatives.

My Mother & Father lived in west Texas many years ago and my Father loved it there. As we have passed through towns big and small along our journey, there are names and places I remember my Dad talking about. I’ve discovered this week that “I should have listened closer to what he was telling me” and I really should have written it down.
“If I could save time in a bottle”.

In 2000, my family brought my Dad to west Texas, from Oregon, for a family reunion. That was the last time I was in Texas and even then, I was busy wanting to see sights and do things “My way”, again still not listening.

“If I could make days last forever, if words could make wishes come true, I’d save everyday like a treasure and then, Again, I would spend them with you.”

It becomes important as we get older to relive our past, to share with our children the things we’ve done and the places we’ve been. So, I have been sending postcards to the Grandchildren from every state we go too or a postcard about an important place or thing we saw along the journey. Hopefully they know that while we are not with them while we are on our journey, we are thinking of them.

Maybe when we are sitting in our retirement home, one of these grandchildren will show up with their postcards and ask us to relive that adventure with them.

So, while we have taken a break from Inspections this week to roam around this great state of Texas. We will always remain dedicated to helping people get their Adventure started.

On to our next Adventure,

The Old Soul, The Inspector and Me – San Antonio Volunteering

“Help!” – The Beatles

“Help me if you can I’m feeling down and I do appreciate you being round. Help me get my feet back on the ground. Won’t you please, please help me?”

So, we are in San Antonio, Texas… It’s a beautiful place. The Alamo, The Riverwalk, The Mission Trail – there is so much to see and do but we didn’t come here for the San Antonio sites, we came here to help hurricane victims.

We signed up with “RV Disaster Corp.” which is a non-profit organization that works under FEMA supplying folks like us that have an RV to volunteer in disaster areas and they asked us to come here to San Antonio to help. We are working in a warehouse, sorting, boxing and labeling donations that people were so generous in giving. These donations came from all over America. The boxes must be gone through and separated into like items and then re-boxed and labeled.

Let me tell you, we are not the heroes of this story.

You need to meet some of the people giving of their time besides us. First there is Valerie and she is from Colorado. I know she would love to be there in Colorado watching airshows with her husband but she is working 7 days a week in the warehouse, supervising the operation in this section of the warehouse. Then there are the kids from AmeriCorps. There was about ten of them and they change out volunteers every week. The group we worked with this past week were very serious about their work and very cute when it was time to play during a break. As their team leader explained to me, they mentor “at risk children” in the community and in the case of a disaster they do what they can to help others.

There were a couple of other locals here as well, volunteering an hour or so here and there, which I know Valerie appreciates all the help she can get.

Then here we come, two old out of shape, RVers. We are used to sitting outside in the evening enjoying the day we spent driving down the road, looking at the trees and at rocks the water was running over. Our days are filled with lots of relaxing and not a lot of physical work.

Now this may be our volunteer time but it sure felt like work to me. We only lasted about 6 hours a day this week and I’m hurting. I have pains in pains and all kinds of new pains but somewhere in all my moaning it feels good, it gives us purpose. When we arrived in Texas we came through Bridge City, Port Arthur and on into Houston, then arrived in San Antonio. It almost made me cry to see the stuff on the curb of the houses we passed by. The things that people had to throw out because of the hurricane damage were not just little piles of stuff, some went all the way down the block. Piled as high as they could get it. I just can’t imagine seeing my stuff, my most important items of my life destroyed and left for the garbage man to pick up. I saw a crib on the curb, my God that baby now has no bed to sleep in.

These people need a lot of help that’s all I can say. I know there have been other storms,  other disasters and there will be more. While I’m here I must look at the here and now. I have no idea where these boxes are going that we are sorting and if they will help someone or not. I sure hope so because we are here for one more week of sorting, boxing and labeling and then on to see friends and family, who knows, we may be back as we were told it may be over a year before everyone around here gets back to a normal life….

Remember the Alamo, on to our next adventure….


The Old Soul, The Inspector and Me on Biloxi Beach

“Welcome Back” by John Sabastian

“Welcome back- Your dreams were your ticket out. Welcome back- to that same old place that you laughed about.”

Hey, it’s been a rough couple of months but it seems like forever. I was staying with family in South GA, waiting on a new Great granddaughter while playing hide and seek with the Hurricane but now I’m back where I belong…..

Al and I left this past Monday on a 6-month RV journey. We had plans (that were written in pencil) and thank goodness because we are all up and down on this adventure now. Yesterday we were in Biloxi, MS, watching the sun come up. How amazing to think “this is all I have to do today” is spend time on this pier watching the world just going around us.

Al and I have always had a no pet policy in our Motorhome. We don’t want the responsibility and pressure of providing for another living thing but yesterday I picked up a shell on the beach in Biloxi and put it in a plastic bag when we got back to the Motorhome. It’s a pretty shell but a couple of hours later it started moving. Yes, we have a crab in a shell. Now remember I told you about our policy of no pets but I had taken this sea creature from its home, so I must make it right. I bought a plastic container at the dollar store, scooped up some sand in a parking lot, gave it some water and someone said give it lettuce. So off to bed we go.

Today I had the idea to go look for food for the crab and found a bottle of “Hermit Crab” sea water and some fish food flakes at Walmart. So, as we are standing there looking at this bottle of salt water in the store and it dawns on us, of course this creature needs salt water since he came from the ocean. We are truly idiots when it comes to this so please don’t call PETA on us. I am trying to correct my mistake. I must say though when I took him out of the plastic bag, he threw himself at the dish of tap water I had for him. The more I think of it I wonder if he knew how bad it was going to get and maybe he was trying to drown himself?

So, Al says “What’s his name? “and then he says we’ll call him BC for Biloxi Crab. Really? I mean it might be a girl type crap so we should name her “Sunrise”. That’s when I found her at sunrise right on the beach so I think I will call her Sunrise.

What a better pet for Full Time RV people. A pet that carries it ‘s home on its back. Yes, I think this was meant to be.

Well time to get back to the Adventure…

The Old Soul, The Inspector, Sunrise and Me.

RV Disaster Corps

Today is Sept 27th and we are in San Antonio, TX. We start our 1st day of volunteering with RVDC to help folks that were effected by hurricane Harvey.

Well, we got our “Go Kit” from RV Disaster Corps yesterday. We got bright yellow vest, work gloves, I.D. badges and lanyards. I think we are official volunteers. 

Looks like they need us to help out in a warehouse in San Antonio sorting and labeling all the donations they have collected.

Hope to know tomorrow our assignment dates.