About us

This page is intended to give you some background about us and why we should be your RV Inspection company.

Al and Laura

Al spent most of his career in transportation, especially “expedited” transportation. Getting things done in a timely manner was always a priority. He has owned several businesses so he knows what it takes to satisfy a customer.

Laura spent her career in Mental Health Services for the state of Oregon. She knows how important it is to be “attention to detail” Laura inspects most of the inside of RVs, she takes pictures, videos, records data and provides assistance to Al during inspections.

We have been a certified RV Inspection company since November of 2016 and have performed RV inspections on Class A, B and C Motorhomes. We have also inspected Travel Trailers, 5th Wheel RVs and Toy Haulers. 

We approach every RV Inspection as if we are going to purchase the RV ourselves. We believe we are the “eyes and ears” of our clients since over 70% of our clients are either “out of town” or “out of the country”. Yes we have performed inspections for clients in Australia, Brazil and Switzerland. They have never seen the RV until they either had it shipped overseas or arrived in America to purchase it.

Our goal is to assist buyers of an RV, enabling them to make an informed buying decision.

As small business owners, when you need an RV Inspection, we understand the urgency of your needs and will do whatever is possible to schedule an inspection request as soon as possible. If we cannot meet your time frame, we can recommend another NRVIA “certified inspector” to perform the inspection.

We strictly adhere to the NRVIA’s “Code of Ethics” in our inspection business.

Code # 9 states: RV Inspectors shall not repair, service or upgrade for compensation any RV systems or components covered by the NRVIA Standards of Practice for a minimum of 1 year from the RV Inspection date.”

Code # 1 states: RV Inspectors shall be objective in their reporting and not knowingly understate or overstate the details and the impact of the findings of any RV inspection.”

All NRVIA’s Code of Ethics can be found at: www.nrvia.org

Once your inspection is completed, we send you the report at the end of the inspection day.

We will then spend time with you going over the details of the report so you have a through understanding of any and all issues. Then you can make an educated buying decision of whether to purchase the RV or walk away.

We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to service your RV Inspection needs. Click here to contact us for more information. You can text or call us 678-764-4450.