The Old Soul, The RV Inspector and Me

Our Motorhome is 14 years old and she is an old soul in RV years. She has had her moments, a broken belt and a door latch that didn’t work. The refrigerator blew up on our way to Michigan back in July and recently her batteries have gotten weak. It’s always something, but you know the song “Love the one you’re with”, it counts for RVs too.img_0963-002

That’s why I love her, I know her weaknesses. She always adds a new twist to the saying “What’s wrong now?” We were at the Florida RV show in Tampa last week and saw some beautiful homes with all kinds of bells and whistles. While we were there drooling over all the RV’s our old soul was in the parking lot dwindling her batteries to zero. So how lucky am I that my partner happens to be an RV Inspector and is somewhat of a superman (my opinion) and he knew what we needed to do.

When we bought the Old Soul last year we hadn’t yet discovered the value of RV Inspectors. We bought the Old Soul with all the wrong things in mind. We feel in love with all the features. The big thing for me was the Red Couch. I feel in love with it but never thought about how it would work when sleeping on it. One night sleeping on it convinced me it needs to be replaced. Also, not thinking about the Old Soul and how much she shakes and jiggles as we move down the interstate going to our next adventure. I suppose and know now, it is a house on wheels and we should expect things to go wrong.

So before you buy your next RV, have your new home checked out by a RV Inspector. Even if the inspection doesn’t reveal any major issues, you will be able to enjoy your adventure and have the peace of mind that you had it inspected.


My RV Furnace won’t work

I was chatting with our neighbor in an RV park when he mentioned that their RV Furnace wasn’t working. I mentioned that I was an RV inspector and if he didn’t mind, I could look at it, maybe I could help.

I asked if they had Propane and he indicated they had breakfast earlier and the burners on the stove worked fine. That told me he had propane. Next step was to check if power was going to the circuit board of the furnace. It appeared no power was getting to the furnace. We pulled the circuit board out, checked all connections and they appeared secure and we didn’t find any lose wires. Next to the thermostat.

We operated the thermostat and every time he selected the “heat” option, the AC unit came on. We adjusted the fan motor option from low to auto. We then turned the thermostat to an off position and went back to the circuit board, selected the reset button, turned it off, waited a few seconds, then turned it back to the on position.

I asked him to operate the thermostat, selecting the heat option as I waited outside listening for the furnace fan motor, a few seconds passed and bingo, we had ignition of the fan motor, a few seconds, later the propane ignited and we had heat.

Sometimes repairs are simply as resetting everything and starting over.