Welcome to A & L RV Inspection.

The RV-buying process is long and arduous. You often spend months searching for the right RV before you make an offer and once an offer is made and accepted, you need to protect your investment in the RV.

Our inspectors can discover real and expensive problems that are not always apparent when you view the RV. Maybe you are out-of-town and cannot see the RV in person. Over 50% of clients that hire us are out-of-town, out-of-state, or even outside the U.S.A.

The data, along with pictures, in the RV inspection report will either confirm or contradict the condition of the RV as stated by the seller.

When you and the seller reach an agreement on the RV, you are under some legal obligation to finalize the sale. A RV inspection gives you ways to get out of the deal. Once our RV inspectors completes a report, you can negotiate with the seller. You might want to have certain items repaired, or you could seek to have the cost of the RV reduced to perform the repairs yourself. If an agreement is not reached on the items in the report, you can back out of the deal. 

Our goal is to “Protect your RV investment” so you can make an educated/informed buying decision. Let us help you protect your hard- earned money. We are a 3rd party “independent inspection company” like a home inspector, but only for RVs.

What items do we inspect during the inspection? Click here to see our “Points of inspection” list.

Pricing is determined on the type of RV we are inspecting as well as the location. Click here to schedule an inspection or call us at 678-764-4450.

With many options out there, why should you choose us to perform a pre-purchase inspection for you?

We are a Level Two (2) certified RV Inspection company (the highest certification level available) by the “National RV Inspectors Association” and are certified to handle all types of RV Inspections. 

We have been a certified RV Inspection company since Nov 2016 and have performed RV inspections on Class A, B and C Motorhomes. We have also inspected Travel Trailers, 5th Wheel RVs and Toy Haulers. RVs as old as 1978 to as new as 2021.

Our inspection report will be completed and sent out to our clients the same day as the inspection, at which time, we will spend an hour or longer reviewing the report with our clients as we want to ensure everyone has a thorough knowledge of what the inspection revealed so you can make an “educated/informed buying decision”. 

Click here to view a sample inspection report. https://www.HomeGauge.com/report/12575564

We offer “Fluid Analysis” of the Engine, Transmission and Generator. Why is that important if you are purchasing a Motorhome to get a blood test. Click here to find out more.     

We perform yearly, RV related continuing education to maintain our certification.

We have Liability insurance to protect everyone during our inspections.

We were honored to be the “Inspector of the Month” by our Inspectors Association.  

We were recommended by a client in 2017 to receive the NRVIA “Star Award”. This award is given to inspectors who excel in their profession.

In the winter of 2018/19, we performed RV inspections for FEMA in the Wilmington, NC area. We were selected, along with other certified inspectors, to perform inspections for displaced residents from Hurricane Florence’s damage in North Carolina. It was a great honor to be selected.

We are in Central Florida and frequently perform RV inspections around the state of Florida. Due to an RVs location, mileage rates may apply.