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Still have questions?

Here you will find a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) covering RV Inspections and why you should consider having a professional RV inspection completed by A & L RV Inspection before you purchase your RV.

I have found a great RV to buy, but I live a long distance away. How can you help me?

Yes we can. Over 70% of our clients are “out-of-state”. We have performed inspections for clients residing in Australia, Switzerland and Brazil, looking to purchase an RV in America. They never saw the RV until they purchased it, based on our inspection report and it came off the ship.

We provide RV inspections in most locations in Florida. If we happen not to be close to the RV to be inspected or in the time frame you need it done, due to our schedule, we can usually recommend another NRVIA certified inspector close by the RV that you need inspected.

What items do you inspect on a RV?

We inspect many items. Click to see our “Points of Inspection” list.  Points of Inspection

Why do I need an independent RV inspection?

We are an experienced, unbiased and impartial inspection service that, by our code of ethics, indicates we do not have any financial interest in the transaction. We do NOT perform repairs and have no incentive to manufacture defective items that aren’t really defective. The inspection we perform provides detailed information about the current operating condition of the RV componets you are planning to purchase. If everything is working and in good operating condition, the report will provide confirmation that what the seller said and what you thought to be true is true. However, in the case where components are not working properly, the report lets you, the buyer, know the true condition of the RV before you purchase it.

I have owned travel trailers and motorhomes. Why would I pay you to conduct the RV inspection?

Many buyers are often looking at the aesthetics of the RV to determine it will meet their travel and comfort needs. The emotional attachment to the purchase process can lead the buyer to overlook the obvious and hidden condition of the RV. Most buyers do not climb on a RV roof and don’t have the tools to perform a “Propane Leak” test. We inspect each RV using our inspection software in a methodical and detached manner providing a truly unbiased inspection. Confirming what you believe to be true is a good thing. Finding real or potential problems that you may have overlooked before you buy is even better.

I have found a great RV. When does A & L RV Inspection get involved?

It seems to work best if you, the buyer, find the RV you are interested in purchasing and negotiate a price that you are willing to pay based on the assumption that what the seller has represented to you is correct and that the purchase is contingent on your approval of a 3rd party professional inspection. Be clear about what you expect and get it in writing. Your independent inspector will inspect the RV using the NRVIA detailed inspection software. The NRVIA inspection report will identify in detail the current state of the RV. After the inspection is completed, report reviewed and pictures analyzed, you then can decide how to proceed. If what you expected was confirmed to be true, you can buy with more confidence. If the inspection finds issues that concern you, then you have alternatives. You can renegotiate the purchase price based on the inspection report or you can request the seller to fix the items that concern you or you can walk away from the deal. However, make sure that you specify, and put in writing, that the deal is contingent on an inspection from an independent inspector of your choice to confirm what the seller has represented to be true.

Moisture Meters – Do you use them?

The simple answer is no. A few years ago we researched using moisture meters and found they were mainly un-reliable. This is mostly due to RVs having aluminum wall studs and various materials. We feel most sellers (private or dealers) don’t want us using a pronged meter as it leaves holes in any surface we touch. The contactless moisture meters are more un-reliable. We use our senses, eyes, nose and touch, to attempt to determine if there is excessive moisture in a RV while we perform our inspection.

Are you licensed and insured?

The RV Inspection industry does not have any requirements for inspectors to have a license to operate. We do have two (2) certifications of completed courses, many hours of “continuing education” and we do have Commercial Liability insurance to protect all parties involved in an RV Inspection.

What if I decide not to purchase the RV you inspected? Do you provide a discount if I hire you again?

Since all inspections require the same amount of work based on the type of vehicle inspected, unfortunately we cannot discount our services but we can and will move you to the top of our schedule.

How long does it take to perform an inspection?

The amount of time an inspection can last is dependent on the type of unit. Obviously, Class A Diesel Pushers have more working components that a 20′ Travel Trailer. Inspections are going to take several hours (maybe 5 to 10 hours) to complete. Our inspection time on-site the RV can take up to 3.5 hrs with 2 inspectors.

 How long does it take to receive my inspection report?

All clients can expect to have the report ready by the end of the day of the inspection in most cases.

How do I protect my intent to purchase and secure enough time to receive the results of my inspection?

We have a free a “pre-purchase agreement” that you can use to help you in the process. Please email us at and we will send you a copy.

How does the process work if we hire you?

We confirm a mutual date that works with our schedule and the seller’ schedule. Upon confirmation of a date, we will send you a “pre-inspection agreement” for you approval along with a PayPal request for payment on our agreed upon rate. Once we get your approval of the agreement and receive payment, we lock in the date on our calendar. We do not consider an inspection booked/secured until we have both the agreement and payment request satisified. We would need the seller’s contact details (name, cell # and address) so we can call them the day before the scheduled inspection to verify we have full hook-ups and confirm our appointment time. That’s all there is.

Do we as the buyers need to be there during the inspection?

No you do not need to be present during the inspection. You are more than welcome to be present, we just asked that you give us some space and freedom to perform the job your hired us to do.

We are looking to purchase a Motorhome. Do you drive the Motorhome as part of your inspection?

Our insurance does not have coverage for us to drive a Motorhome as we are not party to the transaction. We do offer a “ride along service” if the seller will drive the motorhome as we “ride along”. There is a $25.00 fee for this service.

Do your inspection rates include any travel expenses? 

Our inspection rates do include some travel expenses within a radius of our home base. Travel expenses such as tolls, miles, hotels, etc. maybe added to the inspection rate of the RV. Of course, all of these extra charges will be discussed upfront before an “inspection agreement” is sent to you.

Are “Full Hookups” needed for an inspection?

We want to provide you a through RV inspection so yes, we would like to have “full hookups”. Many times, dealers and private sellers cannot or will not, provide “full hooks”. It is ultimately your call if you want us to perform an inspection without “full hookups”. Yes, we can use the “fresh water tank and the water pump” to conduct all water inspection items and yes can use the “on board Generator” to perform almost all of the electrical inspection points.

We are considering purchasing a new RV, why do we need an RV inspection as the dealer indicates they have went through the RV and indicates everything is working?

Have you heard the saying “the wolf is guarding the hen house”? Yes all dealers are required by the RV manufacturer to perform what is called a “PDI” (pre delivery inspection) before a customer purchases an RV. Are all RV dealers competent in their processes? No they are not and that’s where we come in. We are always looking out for our client’s best interest. That cannot be said about some dealers.

We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to be your RV inspectors.

Click here to contact us to schedule an inspection or for more information. You can call or text us at 678-764-4450, however, if we are performing an inspection it may be the end of the day before we can get back to you..